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My name is Dalibor Trkulja, I’m born in 1984 and I work and live in Indjija, Serbia. I started forging and manufacturing blades as a hobby in 2014. Today, my hobby has grown into fully-equipped blacksmith shop, able to meet all customer requirements.

My workshop produces unique handmade blades in the old traditional way, by forging in blacksmith’s fire. Blades are mostly made from Damascus steel, a material that is produced by joining two types of steel by forging and forge welding, producing visible patterns on finish product.

I use only new stainless and carbon steels for blades. For Damascus steel combination of 1084 and 15n20 steel is used, for stainless blades a Bohler N690 steel. Handles are made from various types of locally available wood, exotic wood, deer antlers, as well as other materials requested by the client. For my products I also make sheaths of the highest quality leather.

I also make hatchets, belt buckles, bottle openers, as well as all other items requested by clients.

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Every product is unique and handmade, manufactured according to your wishes and instructions. The price is determined by the size, details, type of steel and type of the other materials. My clients are always involved in the entire production process, from blade forging to the final product. So let’s make something special for you too!

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Dalibor Trkulja

Krajiska 4, 22320 Indjija, Serbia

Phone: +381 65 267 2932